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WWW or No WWW is Not the Same! Use 301 redirects.

by / Monday, 16 May 2011 / Published in Of Interest

The best SEO tasks involve creating absolute awesomeness that people will love enough to link to on a huge scale. That is what we are working on 99.9% of our time.

Of course, the little details matter, too. They matter a lot, and if the links to our website’s awesomeness are not handled correctly, we will waste our efforts.

And one of the items we overlooked the last years(!) was that both, and are seen by Google as two different sites. So as of today we will use a 301 redirect and send all visitors to to

This simple task can also be described by the big and fancy word “Canonicalization”:

Canonicalization – in general – means there is just one outcome for multiple possible actions. In this case, it means telling search engines to favor the outcome of your choosing (”www.” or no “www.”).

Even if both versions of www or without www show the same content, the problem is solved for human visitors but not solved for the search engines (“SEO”). It is common for web hosts to direct both versions to the same place using DNS (domain name service), but that is not the same as a 301 redirect telling search engines which version is the authoritative domain where the content should be indexed.

So if you link to our website (and let’s hope you will!) please use 🙂

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