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Webpage Test – Monitor your website’s global performance

by / Wednesday, 02 November 2011 / Published in Tips and Tricks

Today we officially launch our new webpage test tool for website performance monitoring. It allows everyone to run a free website speed test from global multiple locations using real browsers (IE, Firefox and soon Chrome). All you need to do is enter the URL of the site you want to test. AlertFox starts a real browser in the USA, Europe and Asia and reports back the load time of each web page element as resource loading waterfall charts. And you can download the performance report in HAR format for detailed analysis.

If you are already an AlertFox user this test will look familiar to you: It is, of course, nothing other than the iMacros-powered real browser monitoring feature, now available as an online tool for quick and easy website performance tests in between. It is also useful to get global data for comparison with your local iMacros web testing results (e. g. from the iMacros web performance profiler).

Plus, you can share this test easily with your friends and coworkers: Just use the url displayed at the bottom of the page.

Example: Click
to run a performance test for our AlertFox wiki. As result, you will see that the waterfall chart reveals the missing favicon image:


We do our best to keep this tool free for everyone, but testing websites with real browsers is resource intensive. If the use exceeds a certain limit, a captcha will be displayed. As an AlertFox PRO user you can circumvent this by logging into your website monitoring account and starting the test from there.

If you have any performance/optimization questions please ask us. We enjoy discussing Web Performance Optimization questions with you.

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