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Web Regression Testing with AlertFox

by / Friday, 04 March 2011 / Published in Product News

Many companies maintain a duplicate version of their website (more or less hidden) in order to test code updates. With AlertFox, a simple web regression setup would look like this:

First, there is the test site running the latest code base. It must be web-accessible to allow the AlertFox sensors to check it, but can be secured by a login screen (web form, .htaccess file, etc.)

Secondly, you record iMacros macros for all the features/interaction that your site should support, e.g. user login, navigation, running queries, completing a checkout, etc.

Thirdly, you set up these macros as AlertFox sensors to be run in a (low) 4h interval.Done!

Now e.g. if you visit AlertFox in the morning, you can easily see whether yesterday’s changes yielded some unwanted side effects.
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