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US/EU Round-Robin Retries

by / Tuesday, 06 May 2014 / Published in Product News, Status Updates, Tips and Tricks
Selecting US/EU zone for transaction sensors

select a monitoring zone

Many of our users appreciate that we have a shared US/EU zone for transaction sensors. Some, however, told us that while a random distribution across the US and EU measurement servers is fine for making sure that customers on both sides of the Atlantic can indeed use their web app or site, it did not match a particular need: alert staff if both regions experience a problem at the same time.

Group sensors were the recommended solution.

However, based on customer feedback, we have introduced a change to the US/EU measurement distribution that supports both the general and the specific use case: retries now always take place in the region opposite to where the measurement before was executed.

So, say your macro was (randomly) assigned to a US server for the initial measurement and then it fails to execute properly. Given that your sensor settings include at least one retry, the retry will be performed in the EU zone. If the sensor was configured with multiple retries and does indeed fail multiple times, it will be retried in both zones alternately.

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