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What Causes Poor Performing Websites?

The usual culprits: too many page elements or resources, slow third-party scripts, multiple hosts (including page content served by partners or affiliates), and various best practice no-no's.

Not only can AlertFox find performance issues on your site, it can identify if third party content is causing delays or even outages.

Use Case: Student Portal


Portals: An Organizational Asset

Customer portals have become an integral part of how organizations disseminate information and interact with their customer base. They are a critical resource for the organization, freeing up employees and staff to do other business-enabling work. When a customer portal is slow or down, users pick up the phone to get the information they need or to process a transaction. This means employees and staff have to stop what they are doing to handle customer requests. Business grinds to a halt.

Use Case Details

In our use case, the student portal is having a problem with the file download option. With students returning to school for the fall semester, this is a critical issue. If they can't download what they need, department inboxes will be flooded with requests for a copy. The start of a semester is already a hectic time, the IT team needs to find and solve this problem quickly. Let's see how AlertFox can help.


monitoring key web transactions

A quick review of the monitored portal transactions and resources shows that everything is fine except for file download. That's good news. Our next step, is to look at the error message to see why it's not working.



Our email notification gives us some insight into the problem, there appears to be an issue with the integrity of the PDF file. We can click through our email to view the full error details.

AlertFox provides real-time notifications the moment a monitored transaction is in error, slows, or fails to work. For the University of Dewantara's IT team, this means they know first - with an email in their inbox or a text to their phone. AlertFox makes it easy for the IT team to configure custom alerts for each transaction, assign notifications to the right team member, and set custom notification escalation rules, if the problem is not quickly resolved.



The Sensor Detail Log report show us when the problem was first detected, how frequently it occurred, and from what monitoring location. As we suspected, a corrupt PDF file is the cause of the problem. The IT team can resolve the problem quickly with an updated file that works.