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AlertFox Terms of Service

The terms of service for AlertFox Monitoring are listed below. By signing up for an account, you agree to be bound by these terms.

Acknowledgement and Acceptance of Terms of Service

The AlertFox Monitoring Service (“Service”), owned and operated by Ipswitch Inc. (“Company”), is provided to you (“Customer”) under the terms and conditions of these AlertFox Terms of Service (TOS) and any operating rules and policies that may be published by Company. The TOS comprises the entire agreement between Customer and Company and supersedes all prior agreements between the parties regarding the subject matter contained herein.

Description of Service

Company is to monitor one or more Web Applications (WA) on behalf of Customer and notify Customer if certain events occur during the monitoring process. Events for which notifications are sent are defined by Customer as part of their account maintenance. Notifications are sent by either email or GSM short message (SMS). Customer must: (1) supply information required to set up their account, WA(s), notifications, and notification events; (2) provide for their own access to the Internet and pay any (telephone service) fees associated with such access. If any information provided by Customer is inaccurate, Company retains the right to terminate Customer’s Service Subscription and right to use the Service.

Right of Access

Customer grants Company permission to download files from any WA monitored by the Service as part of their account services. Customer understands that operation of the Service will involve repeated access by the Service to any WA monitored as part of his account services.

Customer Representations

The Customer affirms, for any WA tested by the Service through their account, that they are the legal owner of the WA, an employee of the legal owner of the domain, or has obtained express written permission from the legal owner of the domain for use of the Service in testing the domain. Customer expressly agrees to indemnify Company from any claims by a third party arising from use of the Service in testing a WA.

Compensation for Service

In consideration of this Service, Customer agrees to pay on a monthly or annual basis for each WA monitored per period of monitoring. Rates for account setup, WA monitoring, and toll calls shall be as defined on the plans page or as agreed.