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Summary on the partial outages on April 25th and April 26th

by / Tuesday, 26 April 2016 / Published in Status Updates

As announced on Twitter (cf. here, here, and here), the AlertFox service experienced some technical difficulties.

In your “Tactical Overview” the problem may show up as missing results (cf. screenshot).

Screenshot of Tactical Overview showing the partial outage (GMT+1).


So here’s what happened and how our system was affected:

  • Our site had a problem connecting to the database storing the results of your measurements.
  • As a consequence:
    • Classic measurements’ results were not stored and got lost. No notifications were triggered during that time.
    • Real Browser (iMacros) sensors‘ results could not be stored in time and did also not trigger any immediate notifications.
  • Once the root cause of this problem was fixed:
    • Real Browser (iMacros) sensor’s results were processed after the fact, which means they are now visible in your account and by the time of processing they would trigger notifications, if due.

We apologize for the classic data lost and for notifications not working correctly during the time of this incident.

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