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With AlertFox you get all the tools you need to verify website uptime and performance. From monitoring complex technologies like Ajax or Silverlight, to third-party integrations like video or social apps, we make it easy for you to stay on top of your website performance, get notified the moment a slowdown or outage occurs, and find what’s not working fast with our in-depth reports. We even provide meaningful insight into your actual customer experience with our real browser monitoring – supporting Internet Explorer, Firefox, and Chrome.

What can you monitor with AlertFox?

Verify the availability and the performance of all the functionality built into your Website or Web application.

  • Know simple single or complex multi-step Web transactions work, from an e-commerce checkout to a client portal login
  • Monitor third party components (like social apps or video streaming services) for performance and availability
  • Monitor authenticated and encrypted transactions, to ensure portal and online services are performing as planned
  • Have a library of content available on your Website? Verify file upload and download is working
  • Keep track of the basics, monitor DNS, FTP and HTTP availability and response time
  • Make sure your prospects are having a good experience, monitor video availability and buffering speed
  • Have lots of remote workers at your company? Verify remote desktop connections are available
  • Know your Web pages are displaying accurately (using keyword check)
  • Find exactly whats causing the problem, track an entire browser session as well as timing requests and responses

AlertFox FEATURES & Functionality

AlertFox includes a rich set of features to ensure what you monitor is as true your customer experience as possible.

  • See exactly what your customers see with our real browser monitoring in Internet Explorer, Chrome, and Firefox
  • Use our WYSIWYG/intuitive toolset to capture and create monitored transactions
  • Easily customize monitoring intervals, transaction timeout values and retries for each transaction
  • Stay on top of changing environments, edit transactions on the fly
  • Need a quick look at whats going on? Run transaction monitoring on-demand
  • Ensure access from anywhere by monitoring from multiple global locations (North America, Europe, and Asia)
  • Need to know what happened last month? Historic data is at your fingertips with 60-day data retention

You Know First: AlertFox Alerts & Notifications

Know a problem exists before your users do. Receive real-time alerts on everthing that’s important to you from slow response time, image failures, rich Internet apps errors and much more.

  • Receive real-time email or SMS based notifications the moment a slowdown or outage occurs
  • Stay on top of Web performance, receive alerts on errors, delays, and on recovery
  • Make sure everyone is in the loop, configure unlimited contacts for notifications
  • Prioritize and monitor what’s important first, configure custom alerts for each transaction
  • Assign notifications to the right team member, set custom notification escalation rules
  • Review past problems or concerns with a detailed alert log

TECHNOLOGIES Monitored by alertfox

Today’s Website and Web applications rely on a broad range of technologies to provide a great customer experience. AlertFox makes it easy for you to ensure your website is working as planned.

  • Flash*
  • Java*
  • Ajax*
  • Silverlight*
  • ActiveX*
  • HTML5


Use AlertFox to track and troubleshoot real-time performance and availability with detailed, actionable reports.

  • For every monitored transaction, view real-time and historical performance and availability reports
  • Organize the display of data so that it makes sense to you, configure custom time frames as needed
  • View reports online or export to CSV if you prefer
  • Simplify management, receive automated daily, weekly, and monthly reports by email
  • Share reports with everyone that needs to see them
  • Automatically capture screen shots of errors or failures


Use an intuitive interface to provide access to team members and interested parties.

  • Different user profiles make it easy to assign admin or read-only roles, as needed
  • Easy to use interface provides immediate access to all transaction performance and uptime data
  • Use the built-in public dashboard to share data with a larger audience

*Included in PRO2 and PRO3 versions.