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Public Status Dashboard

by / Friday, 06 May 2011 / Published in Product News

Starting today all AlertFox  users can try out our new and improved public report pages, seen here below. These reports, also known as status pages, website health page or simply public reports, let you make some or all of your AlertFox monitoring results public, promoting transparency toward your users.

Our status dashboard is all HTML, CSS and Javascript, so the dashboard reports work everywhere, including on the iPad and iPhone.

Since the public reports are hosted by AlertFox, they will be available even when your own website is down. They are very handy as automatically updated public status pages for web services and hosting companies, to name one example.

Features at a glance
•    Uptime and response time charts.
•    Error screenshots
•    Daily and weekly  overviews.
•    Customizable logo and “home” link (automatically taken from your account setting)
•    Neutral domain:
•    Custom domain setup available at no extra cost (just contact support).
•    Free with all AlertFox plans

How to try it out

To try out the new status page, just go to your sensor setup and check the box “Public”. The dashboard is automatically generated if at least one sensor is marked with public. This feature is available for all AlertFox users, both free and paid.  You can optionally set up a special domain so people can access the status page using your domain name, e.g. (these custom domains require a paid plan).

For those of you who are interested, even if you don’t have a AlertFox account, here’s a link to a sample report from our demo account you can play around with:

Public Status Dashboard

Give me some real world examples!
Many major organizations use a public status dashboard to inform their customers as soon as a critical service becomes unavailable. Some well-known examples are:

Last but not least our AlertFox service itself has its own status page: 

=> Why not give it a try?

Sign up now and create your own AlertFox Status Dashboard in a few minutes!

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