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Public Dashboard Access Control – Whitelist

by / Thursday, 13 March 2014 / Published in Product News

As some of you already have noticed, the Public Dashboard configuration panel sports a new “Apply Whitelist” column. This addition controls a new great feature allowing you to create a semi-public dashboard, e. g. a dashboard that is viewable only within your company network. If you do not plan to change your use of the Public Dashboard,  you can safely ignore that new column and keep using the feature as you previously did.



For those of you wishing to disclose sensor status information to a restricted set of users, just tick the corresponding “Public” and  “Apply Whitelist” checkboxes. The “Public” checkbox will open access to the status information from the outside, while the “Apply Whitelist” will enforce access restriction based on IP Address. To adjust the whitelist entries, just click the “Edit” link in the column header.


There you will be able to add, modify or remove entries defining who has the right to access the sensor status information. You can either use a single IP address, a CIDR subnet or an address ranged defined by a start and end addresses separated by an hyphen.

The resulting output will not reveal or mention any access restriction, thus preserving confidentiality. Should your sensors all be “whitelisted”, the status dashboard will display the default “no entry” information message to the curious eyes, while the whitelist authorized crowd will enjoy full access.


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