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New Upload Files Feature

by / Monday, 02 March 2015 / Published in Product News

The new Upload Files functionality enables you to upload arbitrary files to your AlertFox account, with the exception of executable files such as .exe, .vbs, .bat, etc. In addition to uploading images for the iMacros Image Recognition technology, you can now upload other file types, e.g. pdf, csv, xls, doc, for use by your sensors.

The uploaded files are available for all iMacros sensors in your AlertFox account and can be used in any macro either as a data source file or for testing the upload functionality of your web site. For example, you can use any text-based file you have uploaded as an input file for web form filling or online database entry. Rather than hard-code the data in each macro, you can simply reference the data in the file.

The maximum upload size for a single file is 1 MB. The total upload space limit is 20 MB.

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