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New Performance Monitoring Features Ahead

by / Monday, 23 May 2011 / Published in Product News

Sensible website monitoring not only tells you that something goes wrong with your site, but also helps you in identifying the problem. This is why this update is focused on providing more information on failing transaction sensors.

(1) Waterfall Diagrams

Get a grip on the load time of each and every element of your site. Perhaps there’s a certain external image slowing it down?

(2) Web Traffic Protocols in HAR format

Extending the idea of Waterfall Diagrams to a whole browser session is what HAR files (HTTP Archives) are about: the complete HTTP traffic in one protocol file including requests, responses and detailed timing information. So if you need to check how much load time your payment provider adds to your streamlined web shop, HAR files are the way to go!

We support them now for all browsers: iMacros Browser, Internet Explorer and Firefox.

(3) Transaction Sensor Performance Logs

Interested in how fast each step of your transaction (macro) sensors is performed by the browser instance you selected? Then have a look at the performance logs, marked as [PERF] in your log. For now, these are supported by the iMacros Browser and Internet Explorer. Firefox will follow soon.

Updating the Monitoring Servers

As you may know, AlertFox’s unique abilities in transaction monitoring are based on a software tool called iMacros that allows for automating real browser instances. This lets you test what your customers actually experience when using your web site/service.

The iMacros software has seen several updates in the last few months, so we plan to update our monitoring servers to the latest version along with the major feature upgrade mentioned above.

Additionally, we will update the browsers used for transaction monitoring to feature Firefox 4 and Internet Explorer 9.

Nothing to do for you

The system update will take place today and tomorrow (Monday and Tuesday) and should be completely transparent to you.

We don’t expect any problems with the upgrade. However, we will update our monitoring machines one by one and keep an eye out for the unsuspected.

If you experience any issue, please don’t hesitate to contact us.

System Status

You can follow the update on our blog by looking for posts with the labels “Status” (where we comment on system status issues) and “What’s New” (where we document new features):

You can also view the live system status on our new, fully automated status page at – This public status dashboard is powered directly by sensors that we use to monitor the AlertFox system health.

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