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New Classic Uptime Monitoring Locations

by / Thursday, 08 November 2012 / Published in Product News

Here’s a feature request we’ve heard about often: Users want the same global zone selection options in the old-fashioned classic uptime sensors that we currently offer with our real browser based transaction monitoring sensors. As of today, this feature is available in all accounts and for all users!

You can now switch your classic sensors from the default World location (running simultaneously on servers around the world) to measurement stations that “only” run on US, Europe or Asian based measurement servers (“zones”). To avoid redundancy and false alarms, AlertFox classic monitoring always tests simultaneously from at least two different measurement servers, and only triggers an alert if two or more servers report a problem.

new classic zones setup
Classic (http request-style) monitoring was upgraded. You can now select different measurement zones in addition to the default world view.

new classic zones

Example report running measurements exclusively on US based monitoring stations.

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