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Myth: by reporting infrastructure metrics, IT is fully aligned with the business

by / Thursday, 07 July 2011 / Published in Web Monitoring

This myth persists in environments where IT has abundant means to monitor technology components yet little insight into the customer/end-user experience:

end user monitoring

It is appropriate for IT to focus on technology. But when communicating with the business, IT needs to translate technology language into business language. A database response time of less than one second, for example, tells the business little about how its customers are doing.  

Wouldn’t it be better if IT could tell the business that customers are able to book an online ticket from login to confirmation in less than 20 seconds? This is what our browser-based web application monitoring can tell you! When you bring your suit to the cleaners, do you want a clean suit the next day or detailed specs on the machinery used to clean it? Businesses are not much different. If a router is down, the business cares less about the router itself and more about how it’s impacting the customer. Can customers still book tickets online? Can the bank process a payment? How many customers or transactions are impacted when there is a problem? Are all geographies impacted or is the problem related to a specific location? The extent to which IT can answer these questions is the extent to which it can demonstrate its value to the business.

To better serve customers, partners and business owners, IT must find a way to make the user reality its own reality. The business, after all, is focused on serving its customers to the best of its ability—and the reason the business funds IT is to help it execute on this mission. Let real-user website monitoring help you to accomplish this task faster.

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