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Mysterious Skype crash

by / Wednesday, 25 May 2011 / Published in Of Interest

skype_crash_2011Skype has crashed throughout the world and continues to crash on login.

We noted the crash at AlertFox headquarters in Germany yesterday evening (Wednesday) the first time, and first attributed it to an IE9 update. But now Skype has begun crashing on machines that had no update at all (no Windows update, no IE update and no Skype update).

Skype crashes when you try to log back in again. Restarting your PC or reinstalling the same version of Skype has no effect, but downgrading to Skype 4.2 helped.

You can get Skype 4.2 from

Skype’s website is also having periodic trouble. We measured a number of “servers down” messages  over the last weeks.

Edit: Official Skype instructions for solving this issue are now available at

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