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Monitoring Disk Space and other Status Indicators

by / Wednesday, 02 February 2011 / Published in Tips and Tricks
AlertFox specializes in monitoring data that is accessible through a web browser (online shops, social network sites, news pages, etc.). This means that you can monitor any system variable once you make it available through HTTP/HTTPS.


Here’s how to set up a simple “Disk Space” sensor that sends notifications should the free disk space of a certain windows machine get below 1GB.


(Note that the general idea here is not restricted to windows servers. Just replace IIS with the web server of your choice, and make it serve a file that displays the disk space and an OK/NotOK message.)
  1. – On the monitored machine let IIS serve some file that we’ll call “freeDiskSpace.html” in this example.
  2. – Copy this VBS script to your disk
  3. – Adjust the script to your needs:
    1. — Path of the “freeDiskSpace.html” file
    2. — What drive to monitor (default is ‘c:’)
  4. – Configure the Windows Task Scheduler to run the script every 5 minutes
  5. – Create an AlertFox HTTP sensor that visits the served “freeDiskSpace.html” page and checks for “Space is fine”:
Now you will receive an AlertFox notification message (via Email or SMS, whatever you set up) the moment that a low disk space value is detected.

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