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Measure Page Load Time with Site Speed

by / Wednesday, 04 May 2011 / Published in Tips and Tricks

The Google Analytics team released a new feature just today:

They emphasize again that a  slow loading landing page not only impacts your conversion rate, but can also impact AdWords Landing Page Quality and ranking in Google search – so web performance monitoring is important.

To improve the performance of your pages, you first need to measure and diagnose the speed of a page, which can be a difficult task. Furthermore, even with page speed measurements, it’s critical to look at page speed in context of other web analytics data.
Therefore, we are thrilled to see the availability of the Site Speed report in the new Google Analytics platform. With the Site Speed report you can measure the page load time across your site.


1) The page load time measurement starts at the beginning of the navigation, e.g., a user click, and ends at the document’s load event.

2) Page load time is measured using the NavigationTiming interface, if available. In older browsers, it seeks help from other interfaces from Chrome or the Google IE toolbar.

3) The page load sample is based on visit. The sampling rate is fixed at 10% for now. And please do keep in mind that speed is only measured when appropriate browser supports are found. 

Site Speed reports data is based on real-user interaction with your website. It is a great addition to the browser-based transaction monitoring data provided by AlertFox.

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