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[Update] iMacros Measurements Missing – Working on a Fix

by / Wednesday, 30 October 2013 / Published in Status Updates

We are currently experiencing a problem with handling iMacros sensors’ results as they come in from our measurement servers.  As a consequence, we are not able to detect measurement failures and send appropriate notifications. You will notice this issue as “gaps” in the sensor’s logs and as “white spots” in the tactical overview report.

Classic measurements and alerts are not affected.

We’re working on restoring functionality as quickly as possible.


[Update:  The problem has been identified and fixed. The AlertFox servers are getting back to processing iMacros/transaction sensors.
The team is gathering information on how to prevent an occurrence like that in the future. We’re very sorry that it happened in the first place.]

2 Responses to “[Update] iMacros Measurements Missing – Working on a Fix”

  1. D. Vink says : Reply

    I assume this is also the reason we are ‘back to the old interface’ and the SSL errors?

    • Hannes says : Reply

      Yes, the problem you mention occurred during our efforts to getting the measurements back up and running. It should be resolved by now.

      We’re still working on the main issue.

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