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iMacros featured in the Google Chrome app store

by / Monday, 11 July 2011 / Published in Product News

Hooray! iMacros for Chrome, the newest member of the iMacros family of browser-based web testing tools, is featured in the Google Chrome app store:
imacros for chrome featured

For the AlertFox team it is especially interesting that the latest iMacros for Chrome version can be controlled by the iMacros Scripting API. That means we can integrate it in our AlertFox backend. Thus you can expect to see real browser transaction monitoring in the Google Chrome browser within the next 6-8 weeks! Already now we are the only real browser monitoring service that supports two browsers (Firefox and Internet Explorer). And soon we will have three 🙂

Three is a special number in this case as this means we will be able to offer our users transaction monitoring in all major browser engines:

  • Trident (also known as MSHTML) –  used in Internet Explorer
  • Webkit – used in Google Chrome and Apple Safari
  • Gecko – used in the Firefox web browsers

Together these three browser engines cover 97.2% of the browser market (source: Wikipedia, May 2011).

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