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iDrone3 beta release

by / Monday, 21 November 2016 / Published in Web Monitoring

id3An AlertFox iDrone3 beta version installer is available for download at

We strongly advise not to use this beta version for any other purpose than enjoying a preview of iDrone’s next version features:

  •  Unattended operation (iDrone as a service)
  • Simplified familiar UI to control iDrone
  • Support for Firefox, IE, IMacros web browser and Chrome (Chrome not yet added to AlertFox)
  • New web browser support architecture that will allow updating browsers more often than on iDrone2
  • No need for dedicated VM in most cases

Compared to the current stable version, the next iDrone release is a complete redesign of the software architecture. The main focus of these changes is to minimize the impact on existing software environment (e.g. browsers installations), to enable the installation on a multi-user environment without the need to isolate the iDrone software using a virtual machine.

Har file generation and browser screenshots are not yet fully supported. This being a beta release, the software might still contain some bugs and is to be used at your own risk. We welcome any comments and suggestions.

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