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How It Works

The AlertFox Monitoring Server

For those of you that are interested in how it works: AlertFox runs iMacros on the backend monitoring servers (iMacros Player, iMacros Enterprise Bundle). The backend consists of lots of Windows 2008 R2 servers (both 32-bit and 64-bit) and Microsoft SQL Server (WISA stack).

1000’s of browsers are opened and closed all the time (we execute millions of transactions each month!). All browsers are controlled by the iMacros Web Scripting interface, a very easy and robust API for automating web browsers. The website and test services are created in C++, C# and ASP.NET. The database is MS SQL 2008.

Currently AlertFox runs the following web browser versions on its backend:

  • iMacros Browser V8.03
  • iMacros for Firefox V7.6 (Firefox 16)
  • iMacros for Internet Explorer V8.03 (running in Internet Explorer 9, in IE9 compatibility mode)
  • iMacros for Chrome 5.3
  • Plugins:
  • Flash: 11.4.402.287
  • Chrome
  • Silverlight: 4.0.60531.0
  • Java: 7 Update 9

Just like your average end users, we update all browsers and plugins to the latest versions every 2-3 months. We report changes on the AlertFox Web Performance Blog as well as updating this wiki page. System updates are usually be completely transparent (no monitoring downtime).

Learn How To Use iMacros

iMacros is one of the most popular tools for web transaction monitoring and web regression and performance testing. It comes in a free and open source version and a commercial edition*.


Our collection of useful iMacros Resources:
1. iMacros Screencasts from the iMacros Support Team
2. iMacros for Firefox Wiki Page
4. iMacros Youtube Tutorial
5. iMacros User Forum

Download iMacros

To create test macros for use with the AlertFox service you can download the iMacros tools directly from the iMacros website:
1. iMacros for Firefox (free)
2. iMacros for Internet Explorer (free)
3. iMacros PRO Edition (Free 30-day trial)

Tip: No time to create your transaction scripts yourself? No problem! All our AlertFox PRO accounts include the free macro creation service.
*The AlertFox PRO2 and PRO3 subscriptions include a free license to the iMacros Standard Edition.