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Web Transaction Monitoring

Most website owners have had this experience

Your current website monitoring system shows nothing but green lights, yet the website is not functioning the way it should. Unfortunately, many web monitoring services don’t dig deeply enough into how the website is performing to detect glitches in the application code or database, or find problems that originate from Ajax, Flash or Silverlight front-end applets bugs. AlertFox does.

AlertFox Detects Problems Other Monitoring Services Miss

AlertFox is a full-featured website transaction monitoring service that can track the functionality and performance of all types of websites. With its unique image recognition ability, AlertFox can even monitor all user interactions with AJAX and RIA media objects (Flash, Flex, Silverlight, etc.).

With its WYSIWYG/intuitive toolset, AlertFox can quickly captures and creates monitored transactions The resulting macros can be used to test and monitor anything – from simple single or complex multi-step Web transactions, to a complete e-commerce checkout procedure or client portal login.

AlertFox uses the world’s most popular web automation tool, iMacros, to create monitored transactions. If you can see it, click it, drag it, drop it, move it, or resize it, iMacros can track it, record it, play it back, and monitor it.

Why Passive Monitoring Doesn’t Work

Traditional Web transaction monitoring systems are passively “data-center focused” and blind to the actual user experience on the desktop. By contrast, AlertFox uses iMacros to run to recreate transactions inside real web browsers (IE, Firefox, and Chrome) and automatically monitor the true end-user experience.

Real-Time Detailed Reporting

AlertFox provides detailed reporting, data export and global monitoring zones to ensure that your site consistently performs and functions at peak levels. Use AlertFox to track and troubleshoot real-time performance and availability with detailed, actionable reports.

  • For every monitored transaction, view real-time and historical performance and availability reports
  • Organize the display of data so that it makes sense to you, configure custom time frames as needed
  • View reports online or export to CSV if you prefer
  • Simplify management, receive automated daily, weekly, and monthly reports by email
  • Share reports with everyone that needs to see them
  • Automatically capture screen shots of errors or failures

Rich Internet Applications (RIA)

According to Wikipedia, Rich Internet Applications (RIAs) are web applications that have most of the characteristics of desktop applications, typically delivered either by way of a standards-based web browser or via a browser plugin. Examples of RIA frameworks include Ajax, Curl, GWT, Adobe Flash/Adobe Flex/AIR, Java/JavaFX, Apache Pivot, Mozilla’s XUL, OpenLaszlo and Microsoft Silverlight. AlertFox can be used to monitor all these RIA types.

These web applications share the same characteristics as desktop applications, providing a rich, engaging experience that improves user satisfaction and increases productivity. Using the broad reach of the Internet, developers can deploy RIAs across browsers. RIAs differ primarily from other Internet applications in the amount of interaction in the interface. A traditional page-based Internet application limits interaction to a small set of standard controls such as checkboxes, radio buttons, form fields and buttons. This severely limits the ability to build usable and engaging applications, and most Internet applications have proven clumsier and more difficult to use than their desktop counterparts.


Today’s Website and Web applications rely on a broad range of technologies to provide a great customer experience. AlertFox makes it easy for you to ensure your website is working as planned.

  • Flash*
  • Java*
  • Ajax*
  • Silverlight*
  • ActiveX*
  • HTML5

With AlertFox you get all the tools you need to verify website uptime and performance. From monitoring complex technologies like Ajax or Silverlight, to third-party integrations like video or social apps, we make it easy for you to stay on top of your website performance, get notified the moment a slowdown or outage occurs, and find what’s not working fast with our in-depth reports. We even provide meaningful insight into your actual customer experience with our real browser monitoring – supporting Internet Explorer, Firefox, and Chrome.