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Alertfox allows you to receive daily, weekly, monthly and yearly reports by email. On the same panel you can also opt-in/out of the AlertFox Newsletter. Please note that this report only includes sensors which were active (enabled) during report generation.



How to read the reports?
The report shows the details for classic as well as imacros sensors. These details, seen in the columns of the reports are explained below.

Internally, Alertfox tracks each time there is a sensor state change (from Up to Down and vice versa). For each state change Alertfox records the start and end time.

The Uptime and the Downtime are calculated as follows :
Total Time = sum of all state durations (End Time – Start Time)
Total Uptime = sum of all state durations where State is Up
Total Downtime = Total Time – Uptime
These values are then used to calculate the corresponding percentages.
The Uptime & Downtime percentage is dependent on measurement frequency, i.e. if a sensor with a 24h interval fails it will be reported as an outage for the whole day, even though the outage may have ended much sooner.

An outage is not an individual failure but a series of subsequent failures between successful runs. For example, 5 failed measurements in a row constitute just one outage, but 2 failed measurements separated by successful measurements constitute 2 outages.

Average Response:
This is the time(in seconds), the test took to run. E.g. “o.27” means that on average, the site responded in 27 milliseconds.

Zone:                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                    This is the zone from where the sensor was run.

Interval:This is the interval at which the sensor was run.

Enable/Disable Reporting

You can enable/disable reports, through the E-mail settings


Export Data

All measurement data can be exported to CSV or HTML format for further analysis.

Data Retention

AlertFox sensor data is retained for a period of 60 days, therefore all reports will be limited to this time frame.

AlertFox API

We are currently developing a new Web API (Application Programming Interface) as the ideal solution to interface our service directly with your monitoring infrastructure. Please refer to Alertfox API for more details or contact support for further assistance.