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General Settings: Sensors

In order to start with website monitoring, Alertfox allows you to create classic sensors namely, DNS,HTTP,FTP or web transaction performance monitoring, also known as iMacros sensors.


The sections below describe the details you need to fill in while creating a sensor.

Basic Settings


Sensor type – The type of sensor that you have chosen to create

Description – A name for your sensor.

Enable sensor – If enabled, measurements are taken and alerts are sent for the sensor.

Run sensor – How often should the sensor run

Timeout – The timeout value is the maximum test runtime. AlertFox stops the measurement if a page takes too long to load or the total macro run time exceeds the limits below. A timeout is treated as a website error and an alert message is triggered. Here are the maximum timeout limits that you can specify depending on account type and sensor interval. All intervals other than 5-minute sensors:

  • Free, Limited Trial: 60 seconds
  • PRO3 30-day Trial: 180 seconds
  • PRO1, PRO2, PRO3: 180 seconds
  • 5-minute sensors: 150 seconds

Sensor should be executed from – This is Alertfox’s zone selection feature. AlertFox gives you the option to conduct the transaction monitoring in any of the three zones: the US, the EU and Asia. Within each zone, the test scripts are distributed between several test machines. This functions in the same manner as Amazon does it for their own server farms. The sensor only runs in the specific zone that you have selected. If you select the zone, “World” the sensor is rotated (randomly) between all zones.

Make sensors public – You need to enable this field if you want to make the sensor public. See Public dashboards for further details

Monitored URL – The website to check (for DNS,HTTP Sensor and FTP Sensor).

Notification Settings

This section allows you to add sensor specific contacts. Please refer to Sensor contacts and Notification settings on the Setup contacts page.

Advanced Settings


If a measurement fails, retry – This option allows Alertfox to retry a transaction in case of failure. Note, the retry option is independent of the notification option. Retries are immediate retests on another test station when a problem is detected. They are used to confirm a problem before the system logs it as a real error. We recommend you to keep this setting to 1 for most use cases.

Example: If you have a HTTP Sensor with a 5 min measurement interval, and then set the notification to “Once after 3 errors” you will receive an alert after 3 errors in a row are detected (= after 3 * 5 min = 15 min of downtime). Only the notifications is affected by this whereas the outages are always logged and can be reviewed in the reports.

The retry feature can be used to implement an escalation policy. Example: You can have sensor A notify User1 immediately, and a sensor B (monitoring the same site) notify User2 only if the downtime persists for more than X minutes.

Notes – A text field for you to enter some notes about the sensor.

Test Now




The Test Now button is a unique feature of AlertFox. Test Now allows you to trigger a real test immediately.