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Reporting and Alerting FAQ

Is an email sent when a monitored server fails?

Yes, you will receive an email alert immediately whenever a sensor detects a problem (e.g., the site is down or the response time is too slow (timeout)).
You will receive another notification when the site is up again.

Why am I not getting alert emails?

If you are not receiving alert emails even though the sensor detail logs report a Failed status and you have already configured contact emails under the notification options, check the following:

  1. Make sure that the alert emails are not being filtered to your junk/spam folder by your email provider or client.
  2. Double-check the “Alert on failure” setting in the sensor options. Is it set to notify once or repeatedly? If it is set to notify once, then you will only receive one alert email when the sensor first fails.
  3. Look at your Alerts Log report. This shows all the alert emails that were sent by AlertFox.

Do you offer SMS alerts?

Yes, to find out more read up on setting up Contacts.

Do you support escalation rules?

We do offer flexible escalation rules e.g. notify contact A on the first failure and notify contact B only if the error persists after one hour.
The escalation are not yet available via the general user interface, to setup rules please email your requirements to our support team and we can set them up for you.

In the Performance Summary report, what does Uptime, Downtime and AverageResponse mean ?

Average = average response time
Uptime = server ok (up and responding quickly)
Downtime = server not ok (down or very slow)

Can AlertFox follow website redirections?

Yes, the HTTP Sensor follows redirections (e.g., HTTP/1.1 302 Found) and monitors the real website – not only the redirecting server. By contrast, simple ping-based uptime monitoring services cannot do that and, consequently, would monitor the wrong server.

Another option is to use an iMacros Sensor. It runs in a real browser, so it follows any kind of redirections, even tricky ones based on Javascript or Flash (just like the IE or Firefox web browser does).

A simple Firefox test macro looks like this:

TAG POS=1 TYPE=* ATTR=TXT:"*test for some text on your site*"

Can I see the page HTML when an error occurs, i.e. “view source”?

You can see the full HTML by enabling the waterfall charts on the sensor and then viewing the Response for the top-most element.

How many months in the past can I select while generating a report ?

AlertFox sensor data is retained for a period of 30 days, therefore all reports will be limited to this time frame.