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Public Dashboard & Graphs

Sharing Performance Data

AlertFox allows you to designate your performance monitoring graphs for public access. This offers several benefits:

  • You can use them to show your users that you take quality seriously.
  • If you’re a services/SAAS company, you can use our graphs to highlight your application’s responsiveness and reliability.

Making an existing sensor public

You can create any existing sensor public by checking the “Make sensor results public” under Edit sensor


Configuring Status Dashboard

You can also make a sensor public by selecting the sensor using the “Public Dashboard” option. Data from the last 7 days is shown on the public dashboard.  The status page is updated whenever the sensor status changes. This status page supports an easy integration of your iMacros sensors with any other NMS system software. Please contact support for further details.


All sensors that you mark as public are summarized on a status dashboard page. This page is automatically created if you have at least one public sensor. For example see: For a public status dashboard, we’ll use the logo provided in your account settings.

Make the dashboard private with the Whitelist Feature

By default, the status dashboard is public. However, you can make it semi-public if you want to restrict access to a group. This can be done with the Whitelist feature. To do so, check the corresponding box in the “Apply Whitelist”column on the public dashboard configuration page and click Edit.

Select_Whitelist              Whitelist

This will direct you to the Edit Whitelist Entries page where you can restrict access to the status dashboard to a network range. Once the restriction has been enabled, only those clients appearing on the whitelist have access to the public dashboard.

Custom URL

The default url for your dashboard is:
Where YOURACCOUNTID is the 4th through 8th characters of your AlertFox Account ID as displayed on the home page of the AlertFox Control Panel.
For example, if your ID is AF0322263, you would use

For our PRO users, we also offer custom URLs: and

To create a custom URL, add a new DNS record that points your selected subdomain to AlertFox IP address and then let us know so we can set it up on our end. Please contact our support team to setup a custom URL.

Status Dashboard

Once configured, your status dashboard would look like the image below. Notice, that the sensor status will get displayed in different symbols as per the actual state of the sensors.


You can click on a sensor to see the status for the last 7 days or click on a particular date to display the status for that day

indidivual                            oneday

Fig : Sensor status for the last 7 days                                                    Fig : Status for a specific date