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Real Browser Sensor

AlertFox’s transaction monitoring, also known as Real Browser sensor is based on the well-known family of iMacros browser automation tool. For a general description of the great iMacros for Firefox add-on, visit our iMacros Wiki. Your Alertfox PRO subscription includes a free iMacros Standard Edition. Please refer to register for iMacros for more details.


Alertfox provides two alternatives for creating the Real browser sensors, namely Real Browser – Single Page (URL) or Real Browser Transaction (iMacros Sensor)

Real Browser – Single Page (URL)

Use this option if you only want to make sure that your website is up and running. This functions very similar to an HTTP classic sensor, the key difference being, that a real browser is used here. As of now, the Real Browser – Single Page is only implemented in Firefox.


You can also search for a word on the page or in the HTML source by the options available.


Real Browser – Transaction (iMacros sensor)

Use this option if you want to add more transactions to your sensor. Refer the below sections for the different functionality of an iMacros sensor


General settings (valid for all sensor types) are described in Sensor Settings. This page focuses on iMacros-specific settings.


Enter and edit your transaction macros here. Technically, this is the same editor as used in iMacros for Firefox, including syntax highlighting. Simply use copy & paste to “upload” the test macro from the iMacros browser add-on into the new transaction monitoring sensor.


Image Recognition and Flash applet performance monitoring

To test non-HTML web page elements such as Flash- or Silverlight applets, you can use the iMacros image recognition features. This will search for the test images you create and use them to either click on this image, fill text into a (Flash/Silverlight) input box or use the image to indicate that the applet is working correctly. Use the Upload Files function of AlertFox to upload images into the system.


Image Size

Alertfox/iMacros uses state-of-the art image recognition algorithms. Still, please remember that the smaller the image to search for, the faster is the detection. For example, use only the image of a button instead of the image of the whole website. The system allows image file uploads up to 100KB in size, which should be more than enough. Typical image sizes are between 0.1KB and 30KB. Often it makes more sense to search for two separate small images than one big one. If you have any questions, just ask our tech support.

Browser Selection

AlertFox is the only real browser monitoring service that allows you to choose in what browser you want to run the transaction tests.

Select which web browser you want to be used for running the test.

  • iMacros Plug-in Firefox (Free and PRO): 100% support for monitoring HTML-based websites, such as eBay, Amazon and Google. Supports most AJAX elements except a few such as sliders, use IE for testing these elements.
  • iMacros Plug-in Internet Explorer (PRO): 100% support for monitoring HTML-based websites, 100% support for monitoring AJAX elements. Full support for testing Flash, Flex, Java and Silverlight applets (e.g., YouTube Flash Video Player, Recommended as a second opinion for your Firefox tests, as some bugs might appear in only one browser type. See this example of an IE-only bug.
  • iMacros Browser iMacros Browser (PRO): An all-around web automation browser that uses the IE engine internally. So just as IE, it supports all kinds of websites. Technically it is the same as IE, but we recommend it because it is easier to use than IE. It uses iMacros7.

Zone Selection

You can run an iMacros sensor from any of the available zones. However, apart from these regular zones, you can also select a custom location in case of an iMacros sensor. See idrone for more details