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iDrone Version History

Instead of updating, please restore your virtual machine to an “empty” state before installing the iDrone or install on a fresh/clean virtual machine. Although iDrone 2.10 and later support uninstallation and reinstallation, direct upgrades (overwriting) of existing iDrone installations are not supported.

Important: Please do not upgrade iMacros after installing the iDrone. The iDrone is only officially supported with the versions of iMacros included with the iDrone installer. Later versions of iMacros released after the iDrone release date may be incompatible with the iDrone.

Recent iDrone Releases

iDrone installer for AlertFox – Version 2.12 (Sep. 05, 2014) – Download Here


Past iDrone Releases

iDrone Installer for AlertFox  – Version 2.10 (Aug. 27, 2014)


  • Updated software stack
  • iMacros 10.0.2
  • Firefox 30
  • iMacros for Firefox 8.8.2

Improved Usability

  • Install binaries to user’s AppData folder to prevent other users from accessing/executing.
  • More information when testing the main server connection during setup.
  • Skip the setup if the iDrone already is fully configured.
  • Support uninstallation (optionally includes tools: iMacros, Firefox, Fiddler2)
  • More information on how the licensing works (in short: full license is applied after successfully registering with an AlertFox account)
  • Link to wiki for hints and tips.
  • Changed installer and log messages wording for more clarity.
  • More information about the licensing during installation.


  • Remove misleading Fiddler error messages
  • Prevent Firefox extension update
  • Fixed misleading log messages in UI
  • Fixed broken performance logs


  • We allow for non-VM installations, but this has not yet been extensively tested.

iDrone Installer for AlertFox – STABLE – Version 2.06 (Apr. 10, 2014)


  • iMacros 10
  • “Measurement deletion” on start: While an iDrone is offline/down, scheduled measurements are piling up in the corresponding queue. In the past, the iDrone had to work through these old measurement requests until it could continue with the most recent ones. With this update, the queue is cleaned every time the iDrone is started, so it will work on the most recent scheduled measurements immediately.
  • Properly suppress (almost undocumented) Fiddler 2nd level update check/warning

If HAR files for IE macros are needed, the “iMacros Browser Helper Object” needs to be enabled in IE. Here’s how:

  1. Open IE through the Windows Start button
  2. At the browser’s lower edge, there is a message asking you about the “iMacros Browser Helper Object” – confirm it
  3. At the browser’s tool bar, click the blue-orange iMacros icon. This will trigger another messagebox – check “Do not show …” and allow the iMacros sidebar to be opened
  4. Close Internet Explorer

iMacros reports being a trial even after a license was fetched from the main server. This may be due to a security policy. Here’s how to resolve:

  1. Open Local Security Policy snap-in(“secpol.msc”)
  2. Go to “Local Policies” -> “Security Options”
  3. Set “System cryptograhy: Use FIPS compliant algorithms for encryption …” to “Disabled”

iDrone Installer for AlertFox Version 2.06 beta (Apr. 04, 2014)

No information available

iDrone Installer for AlertFox users Version 2.03 (Nov 08, 2013)

  • New Setup Wizard
  • Software updates including iMacros 9.05, Firefox 22, iMacros for Firefox 8.3.0 and Support for IE 10

iDrone Installer for WUG users Version 2.02 (Nov 05, 2013)

  • Users of What’s Up Gold can use the iDrone via the APM module.
  • AlertFox users might also use this installer, but note that Waterfall diagrams are not supported.

iDrone Installer Version 2.01 (Oct 28, 2013)

This is a WUG release: Users of What’s Up Gold can use the iDrone via the APM module. AlertFox users might also use this installer, but note that Waterfall diagrams are not supported. Maybe wait for the upcoming version 2.02.
New Setup Wizard

  • Get your iDrone up and running in minutes

Software updates

  • iMacros 9.05
  • Firefox 22
  • iMacros for Firefox 8.3.0
  • Support for IE 10

iDrone Installer Version 2.01 Beta 4 (Sep 05, 2013)

This version is not an official release for WUG

  • Improved setup process
  • Automates IE 10 (no need to leave out any update)
  • Waterfall diagram support (HAR files), cf. known issues below

Software updates

  • iMacros 9.01
  • Firefox 22
  • iMacros for Firefox 8.3.0

Known issues:

  • No HAR files for IE sensors
  • Unresponsive UI while checking connection settings and registering the iDrone
  • If the iDrone name contains blank spaces, scheduling measurements will not work
  • Installation fails in 32bit environment
  • Fiddler (HAR creation) reports “Software update available”, updating Fiddler breaks HAR creation
  • iDrone does not (re-) start operation automatically after reboot (even with auto-login of the iDrone account)

iDrone Version 1.02 (November 07, 2012)

Support for recording macros

  • The iDrone iMacros license key now allows for recording macros right on the iDrone. (iDrone operation must be started in order to receive the key.)

Software updates

  • Latest iMacros 8.0.3 with considerable speed improvements (cf. the iMacros Version History)
  • iMacros for FireFox version
  • Removed Chrome support
  • If you are a WhatsUpGold APM user: This version is certified for use with WUG APM.

iDrone Version 1.01.0803.1144 (August 3, 2012)

  • Several bug fixes
  • Signed installer
  • Experimental Chrome support

iDrone Version 1.01.0625.1559 (June 25, 2012)

  • Firefox support
  • Enhanced status messages + small UI updates
  • Fix missing screenshot bug
  • Prepare iDrone Chrome support (not yet enabled in AlertFox)

iDrone Version 1.01.0606.0907 (June 06, 2012)

  • Updated iMacros to latest beta:
  • Fix: Support IE macros on Win 2008 R2. (IE started with inactive iMacros extension.)
  • Navigation menu