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iDrone Setup

The iDrone allows AlertFox macros to run within your network. With the iDrone, you can monitor every web based service that is available on your intranet.

You can download the iDrone installer from inside your AlertFox account. There is no extra charge for web performance monitoring with the iDrone virtual appliance .

The following video will walk you through the steps of installing the AlertFox EUM Poller (iDrone).

Setups to be followed for setting up an idrone

    1. Set up a virtual machine that must not be used for any other server/desktop task. “VMware” and “VirtualBox are supported and tested, others should work as well.
    2. Install a guest operating system using “Windows 7” or “Windows Server 2008 R2” (Windows 10, Windows 2012 R2 and Windows 2016 are also supported). Apply all available updates or service packs. For your browser,  stay with Internet Explorer 10 or later. On Win 2008 R2, you need to enable .NET 3.5 as a prerequisite. Note, that iDrone does not support Microsoft Edge. iDrone 3.0 (currently in Beta), requires .Net Framework 4.5.1. The installer will be aborted in the absence of .Net Framework 4.5.1.
    3. Take a snapshot of this state using VMware/VirtualBox. This  is a great way to restore a working configuration for future updates, or in case of unforeseen technical problems.
    4. Download and run the iDrone installer. (Also available from within your AlertFox “iDrones” tab).
      Interested in the most recent Beta? Download it here [sorry, no beta available at this time].
    5. Configure and register the iDrone with the AlertFox system.
    6. Run a test.  Start the iDrone operation and on AlertFox create an iMacros sensor using these text snippets:
      TAB T=1
      URL GOTO=
    7. Select your iDrone zone as the measurement location (“zone”).


8. Click “Test Now” and watch the measurement being fetched and executed on the iDrone.

The following video demonstrates how to setup and use the AlertFox iDrone as monitoring location.

Modifications required to setup idrone on a Windows 2008 R2 system

On Windows Server 2008 R2, the installer cannot add the necessary .NET environment. Therefore, do the following prior to running the installation or prior to running the installer again in case it failed the first time due to this issue:

  1. Open the “Server Manager”                                EnableNETinWin2008R2
  2. Select “Features”
  3. Expand the “.NET Framework 3.5.1 Feature” feature
  4. Check “.NET Framework 3.5.1”
  5. Confirm and wait for the installation to complete

Once the feature has been installed, run the iDrone installer (again) and continue with configuration/registration.

Hints and Tips

For general information on how to avoid common pitfalls, see iDrone Hints and Tips.