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FREE ProServ Macro Development

We Help You Get Started with AlertFox

The AlertFox PRO3 plan includes free *initial* macro creation services. You can send us a description of the tasks you want to monitor (e.g., as a series of screenshots) and we will create the required transaction monitoring macro(s) for you and add them to your account. Of course, you can always edit and change the macros yourself within the web interface, so you have the best of both worlds: the ability to change things quickly yourself and full (and free) support when you need it.

In plain English, our requirements for this free service are as follows:

  1. We need clear specifications on the steps we need to automate (the steps that AlertFox will monitor). Usually a sequence of annotated screenshots works very well. You can find some example specifications on this page.
  2. Our support team needs to access your website from their their web browser without the use of additional software. With our free service we can not support special cases that require a VPN login or the installation of special security software. But please note that a normal website login is no problem at all.
  3. We might outsource the macro creation to a freelancer. If we do so, we will notify you in advance. There will be no costs involved for you. The final quality assurance will always be done by the core AlertFox team.
  4. The free macro creation program is intended to get you started with AlertFox. In addition, we offer one free revision per year, e. g. if the macro needs to be updated due to major website changes or if you want to monitor a different transaction sequence.
  5. AlertFox/iMacros is very easy to use. Our experience tells us that our clients are soon able to make all standard changes themselves in no time. It is this ease of use that allows us to offer the free macro creation service in the first place.
  6. Do you have special requirements? The AlertFox team also offers paid macro creation or website performance consulting services – remote or onsite.