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Setup Contacts

Contacts are your contact information for alerts. AlertFox uses these email adresses and phone numbers to notify you when the system detects problems with your website. You can assign different contacts to each sensor.

Edit Contact List

You can insert the contact in Alertfox using the “Alerts Contacts” option.


There are three options that you can configure as modes of contact with Alertfox.

  • Email (default)
  • Email for mobile (Email, especially formatted for mobile display)
  • SMS – send a short message to your mobile

SMS Credits

All existing PRO account users can request free initial SMS credits (PRO3: 500, PRO2: 200, PRO1: 100). Just email us at and we will add the free SMS credits to your account within 24h. If you need to purchase more SMS credits, just login to your AlertFox account and click the “Add more credit” link on the home page.


Contacts on Sensor Pages

On the sensor page you can assign certain contacts to a specific sensor. For example, a sensor monitoring a critical live system can have five contacts while a sensor watching over a test system may have only one contact to alert in case of failures. To add a sensor specific contact, you need to edit the sensor settings and select the “Add a new contact” under the Notification settings.



Notification Options

Notice that there are also various notification options available under the Notification settings namely,
Alert on failure

  1. Never
  2. Once after x errors (default). Use this to define the minimum downtime before an alert is sent.
  3. Repeatedly max x times
  4. Repeatedly every x errors

Alert on recovery

  1. Never
  2. Once (default)