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alerting: how it works

Alertfox generates an Alert in the following cases

– when a sensor has detected a problem (e.g., the site is down or the response time is too slow (timeout)), the sensor status is DOWN in such cases

– when a sensor that was previously DOWN is up and running. The sensor status is UP in such cases

The number of Alerts that need to be generated are sensor specific and can be configured through the Notification settings of a sensor.


How Alertfox sends Alerts

Alertfox sends an email alert immediately whenever a sensor detects a problem . For iMacros Sensor alerts, the email also contains a screenshot of the website, taken with a real IE or Firefox web browser when the error was detected. You see exactly what your users saw. You will receive another notification when the site is up again.

Notifications are sent from and – Please make sure that this address is not blocked by your spam filter(s).




In addition to this, Alertfox also sends a daily report on the Uptime and Downtime status

daily                         report


Sample Alert sms shown below.


Alertfox also lists the alerts generated in the Alerts log. Please refer to Alerts log under Reporting for more details.