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Help Overview

AlertFox is a revolutionary new self-service website transaction monitoring service that is capable of keeping tabs on the functioning and performance of all websites, even those use AJAX, Flash and Silverlight. AlertFox offers basic free website monitoring and advanced PRO packages with additional test sensors, shorter monitoring intervals and the free iMacros transaction test macros creation service.

What’s New with AlertFox

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OS Support

AlertFox Classic sensors (HTTP, DNS, and FTP) can be created and used in any operating system or browser. For the iMacros sensor, there are a few browser limitations, depending on your operating system:

  • Windows users can use any iMacros browser add-on (and the iMacros Standard edition) to create iMacros sensors
  • Mac and Linux users can only use the Firefox browser add-on to create iMacros sensors

To find out which browser is best for you, visit the Web Monitoring FAQ.

Connect with AlertFox

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