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AlertFox provides a number of specialized reports to assist you with troubleshooting website downtime or web performance issues.These reports can help you perform root cause analysis as well as find and resolve common performance problems such as slow response times; failed transactions or time outs; bugs in Ajax, Flash or Silverlight front-end applets; and even user experience problems resulted from different locations or browsers.

Performance Report

This report shows a single web monitoring sensor’s history in an interactive graph, including annotated error information (and error screenshots). This graph supports zooming, panning and contains detailed annotations on all errors. If available, links to screenshots that were taken on the error are also provided.

Detailed Log

This report shows the history of a web monitoring sensor in a tabular format. Everything is there: results, error reports and screenshot links.

Multi-Step Transaction Reporting

This report shows a detailed performance graph for transactions that consist of several steps, like executing a site search or completing and submitting an Ajax form. The runtime of each step is displayed and adds to the total. Hover over a data-point to see exact timing information. This report shows clear when an end user experience is bad – as there will be obvious delays or missing data, in the event the multi-step transaction is not working. Toggle the display of steps to analyze a certain step’s influence on the total runtime.

Waterfall: Summary

This report shows the summarized statistics for different types of traffic (DNS, connect, send, receive, etc.), the kind of content that is served (HTML, JavaScript, Images, etc.) and details about the HTML bodies/headers. Hover over an entry to display total numbers.

Waterfall: Timing

This report shows an HTTP conversation timeline. It neatly displays all conversation timing information as well as any errors associated with website elements.

Waterfall: Drill Down

This report shows the details associated with a single HTTP request as well as the time it took to complete the request. With this report, AlertFox makes it easy to track down and pinpoint both internal and remote website and web application problems.

Performance Monitoring

This report shows the status and duration for each step of a web monitoring macro transaction. This level of detail makes it easy to see exactly where the problem occurred.

The data is provided in a flexible XML format and is also available via our API.