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Create Users (Logins)

To help you manage your website and web application performance monitoring needs, AlertFox lets you create multiple users with different levels of access including Admin and read-only. This is quite useful if you have personnel that need access to reports, but don’t necessarily need to setup or configure sensors, etc.

Get Started.

Go to the page Logins, under the CONFIGURE heading. A list of all existing users is displayed. To create a new AlertFox user,  click the Add New User button and provide the required details.

To change your own account settings like password or email address, visit the Account page.


Create Alert Contacts

For each of your sensors (monitored web transactions), you can create different real-time alert contacts and notifications.

To get started, go to the page Alert Contacts. A list of all existing contacts will be displayed. To add a new monitoring contact to the list,  provide the appropriate details including description (could be the name of the user), email, SMS, and a separate email for mobile, if required.

To edit an alert contact, select them and their details will be displayed for editing.


Configure Notifications

Now that you’ve setup your alert contacts, you’re  ready to associate them with an AlertFox sensor.

Get Started

Go to the page Sensors under the CONFIGURE heading.

To add a real-time alert and notification contact to an existing sensor, click edit next to the sensor name. All of the sensors settings will be displayed and you can add the new contact to the sensor.


To add a contact to a new sensor, select the type of sensor you want and click add sensor. A  page will open, where you’ll need to provide the details to configure your new sensor. To add the contact(s), scroll the list to and select them. Once complete, save your new sensor.

For questions about the different fields on the create a sensor form, visit our Wiki.

Any questions about adding users, setting up real-time alerts contacts, or setting up notifications, contact our support team, we’d be happy to assist you.