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Install the Add-on

The Firefox-add-on is used to capture and manage web transaction that you want to monitor for uptime and performance, such as an e-commerce checkout, contact form completion, end user file download, customer portal login, the list goes on. You can use AlertFox to monitor virtually any web transaction, fromm a single simple step transaction to a complex multiple step transaction.

To get started, go to the Firefox Add-on site, and download the latest version of the iMacros for Firefox add-on.

Once installed in your browser, you should see the iMacros icon on your browser’s toolbar. The location of the icon may vary, depending on your version of Firefox and your operating system.


Launch the Add-on

Simply click the icon to launch iMacros for Firefox. The application will open a new pane on the left side of your browser. In the upper left you will see a list of all available transactions, these include demo transactions and any you create.


Where to begin?

A good place to start is to play some of the demo transactions included with the add on. These will show you how it works using some illustrative examples. Select a transaction that interests you and then scroll down to the Play / Record / Edit section and select Play.

The iMacros for Firefox add-on will replay the transaction you’ve selected and will show you each step in the transaction.

This should give you a good sense of how the add-on works. We recommend viewing several of the examples, before you record your own.

Play /Record /Edit

In addition to playing back existing recorded transactions, you can use the add-on to capture a new web transaction (essentially a website monitoring script) right in your browser.

To begin, go to the opening Web page for the transaction you’d like to record for example you could add an item to a shopping cart.

Next click record, and step through the different web pages in the transaction.

Once you’ve reached your “destination” page, click stop to end the recording.


Next click Save, and give your recording a unique name.

Your new transaction will now be displayed in the list in the upper left. To view it, simply select it and click play.

Any questions about using the iMacros for Firefox add-on to capture and manage web transactions? Contact our support team, we’re happy to assist you.