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Free Website Monitoring Now With Short 5 Minute Interval

by / Monday, 31 January 2011 / Published in Product News

The free website monitoring plan with its single transaction monitoring sensor (Firefox) is perfect for monitoring a single domain/website for its core functionality. However, the accompanying three classic sensors do not really help in this situation. Only one of them is needed, and a test interval of one hour is a bit slow.

So we have decided to exchange the three one hour classic sensors for one 5 minute sensor for all new and existing free accounts. This improvmement makes the AlertFox Free Plan the most powerful free website monitoring plan that we know of!

It’s worth noting that this change was called for by many free account users, so we’re happy to respond that request. And please keep your feedback coming!

If you currently use more than one classic sensor, you will find all but one of them disabled by the time our change takes place, which is planned for February 2nd (Wednesday).

If you need more than one 5-min sensor, we recommend our new Basic plan which is only US$96/year.

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