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[Resolved] “Test Now” Temporarily Disabled

by / Monday, 13 January 2014 / Published in Uncategorized

This morning, our tech team has detected some malfunction wrt. immediate sensor tests of iMacros sensors (“Test Now” on the sensor settings page) which seem to report wrong data.

We will disable this functionality until the issue has been resolved.

Please refer to this blog post for updates on this matter.


The development crew is still investigating both, cause and scope of the problem.

[Update 2]

While we are sorry to say that “Test Now” will stay unavailable for some more time, we are glad to confirm that scheduled measurements (read: your iMacros sensors) have not been affected by this issue. Classic sensors were also not affected.

[Update 3]

We’re in the process of evaluating fixes.

[Update 4]

“Test Now” has been re-enabled for all of our PRO customers and Full Trial users.

We determined that the cause of the issue was due to one ore more Free or Limited Trial users abusing the AlertFox system, and unfortunately “Test Now” functionality will remained disabled for all Free/Limited Trial users until we can implement further counter measures.

If you are evaluating AlertFox for legitimate business purposes, please contact to request a Full Trial upgrade in the meantime.

[Update 5 – Issue Resolved]

“Test Now” is open for everyone again.

In order to prevent misuse,  non-PRO accounts (incl. Full Trial) may be presented a CAPTCHA at times.

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