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For some time now, our https sensors have had the limitation to only support the older TLS1.0 version or SSL3. Now that “TLS1.2 only” support becomes the standard configuration of secure web servers, we are starting to update the machines running these sensors with a software version supporting these protocols.  While we are thinking the change should not impact

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iDrone3 beta release

Monday, 21 November 2016 by

An AlertFox iDrone3 beta version installer is available for download at We strongly advise not to use this beta version for any other purpose than enjoying a preview of iDrone’s next version features:  Unattended operation (iDrone as a service) Simplified familiar UI to control iDrone Support for Firefox, IE, IMacros web browser and Chrome

If you are as enthusiastic about computers as we at AlertFox are, you probably know the Raspberry Pi. And if you are as interested in web sites as we at AlertFox are, you probably know WordPress. Now, what would you do if you wanted to host a blog for very little money? Right! You’d run

Last month saw a rise in slowdowns experienced by two leading online banking websites – Bank of America and Chase.  The issues were likely caused by a “distributed denial of service” (DDoS) attack, which can cause interruptions through varied means of flooding traffic to a particular network — thereby overloading its servers.With website outages and

Service level agreements (SLAs) are important. Why? Well, for starters an SLA is more than just an agreement between two parties – it’s a possible solution to costly service outages. Moreover, SLAs can apply the necessary pressure for meeting specified guidelines and optimal performance in the event of a corruption such as downtime and the

The popular DNS management service Zoneedit is experiencing an extended downtime and users are complaining on Twitter. On the positive side, it seems “only” the web interface is affected, and not the DNS services itself. (Update: Site up again after 12 hours of downtime). We will update this post when Zoneedit is available again. Zoneedit

Update 3: 1and1 up again. See our 1and1 network status page for details. Update 2:  Down again! You can follow the up- and down on our public 1and1 network status page (based on the uptime monitoring wiki that we host at 1and1).   Update : 1and1 servers are up again (after more than 1.5h of

Public Services need Public Dashboards

Friday, 16 September 2011 by

Some days ago we started monitoring various online services (Email providers, job search sites, public transportation) with AlertFox transaction sensors. Do you think you know which of these is faster, or more reliable? Check the web performance benchmarks on their Public Dashboards at Performance Benchmark Webmail: Time to login and open/read an email – 

Recently a customer reported a failed transaction test (iMacros macro) to us. He said that the screenshot looked fine to him. He could even see the image the macro couldn’t find, on the screenshot. I have tested the sensor and looked at the .har file the test produced and it took me only a couple

Monitoring DNSSEC

Wednesday, 07 September 2011 by

DNSSEC is the recent answer to DNS cache poisoning [1]. So it definitely is something a web site’s admin would want to have monitored. And we are happy to tell you that AlertFox is able to do so. While we don’t have an explicit DNSSEC sensor type, our HTTP sensor suffices, when used correctly on