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AlertFox watching Narwhal

Thursday, 28 April 2011 by

Today, the latest release of Ubuntu (version 11.04, codename “Natty Narwhal”) has been released. And of course I used an AlertFox sensor to notify me once the new ISO images were there. Here’s how: – An HTTP sensor was set up to monitor the download page. – While Natty was not yet released, that page

If you want to measure and tweak your website performance there is a new great tool available: Google Page Speed Online It does the same as the popular Chrome extension under the same name, but you do not have to install anything anymore. So what is Page Speed Online? Page Speed Online analyzes the content

Many websites contain some kind of file upload feature. Files can include documents, presentations, videos, photos and more. If your website offers functionality that lets users upload files, how do you know if it’s working properly? It’s not enough to just monitor the performance of your homepage. Third-party content and functions on your website, like

AlertFox specializes in monitoring data that is accessible through a web browser (online shops, social network sites, news pages, etc.). This means that you can monitor any system variable once you make it available through HTTP/HTTPS.   Here’s how to set up a simple “Disk Space” sensor that sends notifications should the free disk space