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Did you know? AlertFox allows you to easily export all measurement data in CSV format. This function was available for years, but we expanded its scope, and also made it easier to find: Look for the “Export Sensor’s data” link at the bottom of every report.  

If you are as enthusiastic about computers as we at AlertFox are, you probably know the Raspberry Pi. And if you are as interested in web sites as we at AlertFox are, you probably know WordPress. Now, what would you do if you wanted to host a blog for very little money? Right! You’d run

Waterfall charts are useful for getting information on very many web site / performance problems. Note that we at AlertFox generate the Waterfall charts  in HAR format using Fiddler which in some cases adds more information to the HAR files than a plain browser HTTP archive would do. To get you started with waterfall charts, we created a

US/EU Round-Robin Retries

Tuesday, 06 May 2014 by

Many of our users appreciate that we have a shared US/EU zone for transaction sensors. Some, however, told us that while a random distribution across the US and EU measurement servers is fine for making sure that customers on both sides of the Atlantic can indeed use their web app or site, it did not

If you’re looking to monitor certain steps within one of your transactions for a completion (run) time threshold, you can simply add SET !TIMEOUT_STEP before any command within the script that you wish to limit to a maximum of  seconds. Adding this command will enable AlertFox to immediately report and alert on the pertinent error

Today we officially launch our new webpage test tool for website performance monitoring. It allows everyone to run a free website speed test from global multiple locations using real browsers (IE, Firefox and soon Chrome). All you need to do is enter the URL of the site you want to test. AlertFox starts a real

Website Malware Monitoring with AlertFox

Wednesday, 05 October 2011 by

Website Malware Monitoring at AlertFox Did you know AlertFox can also monitor your site for malware?   Malware distribution (viruses, Trojans, spyware etc.) has become a key issue for many website owners, as drive-by-download attacks are on the rise and malware distribution techniques are becoming increasingly effective. There are expensive malware monitoring services like GlobalSign

AlertFox not only supports public status dashboards but also allows you to embed your charts into any website — such as this blog! Thus you can create your own dashboards easily. Example: This Twitter uptime chart is taken from the status dashboard of our demo account and monitors the true Twitter status by running a

All AlertFox browser-based server checks include a “SSL Certificate monitor”! That is because all web browsers automatically monitor the validity, expiration date, accessibility, and various other changes to SSL Certificate. Thus, if “something” happens to your certificate the real browser website check will fail and you get alerted!   Browser-based server monitoring helps you avoid

The Google Analytics team released a new feature just today: They emphasize again that a  slow loading landing page not only impacts your conversion rate, but can also impact AdWords Landing Page Quality and ranking in Google search – so web performance monitoring is important. To improve the performance of your pages, you first need