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Menu Layout Update: Clear and Concise

Thursday, 24 February 2011 by

Following many users’ requests, we have updated the navigation. On the one hand, we’ve made changes to allow experienced users to access the most relevant pages more quickly, while on the other hand, we’ve provided the ability to use more easily comprehensible keywords for new customers. Your feedback is very welcome!

New Basic Website Monitoring Plan

Monday, 31 January 2011 by

We know that the four hour interval of the free account’s transaction service still is fine for small projects, but rather a limitation if you want basic monitoring of a more serious service. That’s why we have introduced our new “Basic” plan that goes for only US$9.99/month (or only $96.00 a year including the 20%

The free website monitoring plan with its single transaction monitoring sensor (Firefox) is perfect for monitoring a single domain/website for its core functionality. However, the accompanying three classic sensors do not really help in this situation. Only one of them is needed, and a test interval of one hour is a bit slow. So we