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Key updates include: — Java to v7 update 7 — Windows updates (as of 09.17.2012) — Flash to 11,4,402,265 We’ve done the dirty work. You’re free to sit back, relax, and monitor away!

Congrats to AlertFox – our solution for immediately identifying website and web application availability and performance – for becoming among the first AWS Partners ever to gain public designation as a Standard Technology Partner! Happy monitoring everyone!

Last week Ipswitch’s IT team initiated moving its product download server to a Cloud offering with more bandwidth for growing capacity. However, before committing to this major change, IT decided to globally test the downloads of both servers, in order to determine whether or not the new Cloud platform could indeed offer Ipswitch greater resiliency

AlertFox now provides you with enhanced capability to monitor ALL your business-critical web apps and websites from inside OR outside your firewall! With our latest addition, AlertFox can detect and resolve web performance issues from:     Worldwide branch locations     Distributed global data centers     Remote user’s workstations from around the world And it’s simple!

Real Browser Monitoring Update

Tuesday, 24 July 2012 by

Starting with today, several software updates are rolled out on the measurement servers. This includes updates of: – iMacros (8.0.3)– Firefox (13.0.1)– iMacros for  Firefox (– Java (v7, update 5)This upgrade is completely transparent. There is nothing to do for you as AlertFox users.

The most important piece of information first: There is nothing for you to do. This update is completely transparent and does not affect running tests. But should you do encounter anything strange in your account, please notify our tech support immediately and we will investigate it. Now that you know there is no work for you,

Astronomical spring in the northern hemisphere began on March 20, 2012 – and new AlertFox features start to appear: Today we released the first of many exiting new updates that we have in the works for 2012. Today’s “Easter Update” contains mostly invisible backend changes, but also two important user facing improvements. Account ID –

Performance Monitoring with Firefox 7

Wednesday, 26 October 2011 by

As you know, AlertFox uses real web browsers (as opposed to only simulated ones) for monitoring the real end-user experience and getting realistic website performance data. Today we upgraded our global website monitoring stations to Firefox 7 and iMacros V7.4. Internet Explorer remains, of course, at Version 9 (only security updates added). This upgrade is

Reliable alerts is one of the key features of AlertFox. In addition to that, we are always interested in improving the way you receive our alerts making them informative right from the start. Here are two enhancements that will take place in the next days: 1. Improved, clearer email subject line DOWN – HTTP: Sensor

Transaction Monitoring in Asia

Thursday, 21 July 2011 by

Running a global web business? Or a website targeted at visitors from the Asia-Pacific? Then you will be happy to hear that starting next week we will be offering our real browser transaction monitoring also for the Asia-Pacific region. We start with two new monitoring stations in Singapore, hosted in  Amazon’s data centers. We plan