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Update 3: 1and1 up again. See our 1and1 network status page for details. Update 2:  Down again! You can follow the up- and down on our public 1and1 network status page (based on the uptime monitoring wiki that we host at 1and1).   Update : 1and1 servers are up again (after more than 1.5h of

Public Services need Public Dashboards

Friday, 16 September 2011 by

Some days ago we started monitoring various online services (Email providers, job search sites, public transportation) with AlertFox transaction sensors. Do you think you know which of these is faster, or more reliable? Check the web performance benchmarks on their Public Dashboards at Performance Benchmark Webmail: Time to login and open/read an email – 

Reliable alerts is one of the key features of AlertFox. In addition to that, we are always interested in improving the way you receive our alerts making them informative right from the start. Here are two enhancements that will take place in the next days: 1. Improved, clearer email subject line DOWN – HTTP: Sensor

Recently a customer reported a failed transaction test (iMacros macro) to us. He said that the screenshot looked fine to him. He could even see the image the macro couldn’t find, on the screenshot. I have tested the sensor and looked at the .har file the test produced and it took me only a couple

Monitoring DNSSEC

Wednesday, 07 September 2011 by

DNSSEC is the recent answer to DNS cache poisoning [1]. So it definitely is something a web site’s admin would want to have monitored. And we are happy to tell you that AlertFox is able to do so. While we don’t have an explicit DNSSEC sensor type, our HTTP sensor suffices, when used correctly on

I was googling for some Google Chrome documentation today, and discovered a fascinating post by Ilya Grigorik: He notes that Google’s Chrome browser dropped the “http://” prefix in their location bar not just for aesthetic reasons: If you are using Chrome, and you are using Google web services today, chances are, you are not running

AlertFox not only supports public status dashboards but also allows you to embed your charts into any website — such as this blog! Thus you can create your own dashboards easily. Example: This Twitter uptime chart is taken from the status dashboard of our demo account and monitors the true Twitter status by running a

Transaction Monitoring in Asia

Thursday, 21 July 2011 by

Running a global web business? Or a website targeted at visitors from the Asia-Pacific? Then you will be happy to hear that starting next week we will be offering our real browser transaction monitoring also for the Asia-Pacific region. We start with two new monitoring stations in Singapore, hosted in  Amazon’s data centers. We plan

When we introduced HAR files for performance measurements and analysis, we recommended using the online viewer at for visualization. However, for some reason the online viewer did not display any graphs lately.  While the site’s owner fixed the issue impressingly quickly when we told him about it, there will be occasions where you may

Hooray! iMacros for Chrome, the newest member of the iMacros family of browser-based web testing tools, is featured in the Google Chrome app store: For the AlertFox team it is especially interesting that the latest iMacros for Chrome version can be controlled by the iMacros Scripting API. That means we can integrate it in our