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As you may already know, we had trouble with our database’s harddrives on Nov. 14 (cf. our tweets). We were able to apply a hot fix then, but now we want to make sure that similar incidents will not occur in the future. The implementation of our solution will require another downtime of approx. 30

Improved iMacros-AlertFox integration

Friday, 19 September 2014 by

Recording your web transaction with the iMacros family of web macro recorders was never easier. If you want to use the iMacros Standard Edition for recording your transaction scripts, you no longer need to enter any license key. Just activate the software with your AlertFox login credentials. In a nutshell, just download iMacros and then

We have released iDrone 2.12. The iDrone is a free virtual appliance that allows you to monitor services that are behind the firewall, for example your local Sharepoint, Jira or SAP installation. Here’s what’s new with V2.12: Updated software stack (iMacros, Firefox, iMacros for Firefox) Multiple changes to enhance the configuration wizard Support for clean

Some of our customers need or want to white-list our measurement servers’ IP addresses. So here’s three more of them: The complete and updated list can be found here.

Downtime of the week: Dell Order Tracking

Wednesday, 17 September 2014 by

Time for a new PC. Selecting one was easy (I like the Dell XPS series), ordering as well. But the order tracking resulted in a full blown crash on the Dell website. Needless to say, that looks embarrassing and should not happen on a major e-commerce website. Please see the screenshot below. Meanwhile the order

New time format in alert emails

Tuesday, 16 September 2014 by

The time format in our alert emails was improved with the recent system update. In the past we had one format for all: 9/16/2014 06:39:06 AM Now the time format in the alert emails depends on your preferred user interface time format, which can be set  to AM/PM or the 24h “military time”. The AM/PM format

Starting early next week, we will update our measurement servers’ software stack: iMacros 10.0.2 Firefox 31 iMacros for Firefox 8.8.3 Adobe Flash Oracle Java No action is required from our customers. [Update 2014-09-04] Server update completed.

As announced via Twitter [1, 2], there was a partial outage wrt. our monitoring/alerting services during yesterday early morning (GMT). Here’s more information: What was affected during the outage? Classic sensors’ results were lost during the incident. Notifications were not triggered until after the incident was corrected. iMacros sensor’s results were not immediately stored during

Did you know? AlertFox allows you to easily export all measurement data in CSV format. This function was available for years, but we expanded its scope, and also made it easier to find: Look for the “Export Sensor’s data” link at the bottom of every report.  

If you are as enthusiastic about computers as we at AlertFox are, you probably know the Raspberry Pi. And if you are as interested in web sites as we at AlertFox are, you probably know WordPress. Now, what would you do if you wanted to host a blog for very little money? Right! You’d run