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Backend Update: Waterfall/HAR Generation

by / Tuesday, 27 January 2015 / Published in Product News

Starting this week, we’ll be updating our measurement server software stack wrt. the creation of waterfall diagrams (HAR files).

tl;dr: We’ll transparently switch to a new Waterfall/HAR generating software component. No actions are required from our users.

Since introducing Waterfall diagrams in May 2011, we relied on Fiddler for capturing HTTP traffic and for generating reports in HAR format that can be displayed as Waterfall diagrams. Fiddler has served us quite nicely over these years, but eventually our specific needs diverged from what Fiddler does (and it does a whole lot of things!).

Some items from our road-map (as requested by our customers) like supporting clear-text waterfall diagrams for SSL sessions and providing waterfall diagrams for successful measurements as well as for failures were not easily available to us via Fiddler, so we have developed a replacement and will start activating it on our live measurement servers today. The roll-out will proceed  in stages over the coming days so that we can make sure any possible interference is caught as soon as possible.

This change is expected to be completely transparent to our customers. No action is required from their side.

If you experience any issue, please contact support so we can investigate and resolve things quickly.

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