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Back-End Changes to the Classic Sensors

by / Friday, 22 May 2015 / Published in Uncategorized

Starting next week, we will update our classic sensors’ back-end architecture to match our transaction (iMacros) sensors. Besides improved scalability and performance, this will allow for future feature extensions (like additional monitoring locations).

No action is required from our customers.

In order to catch unexpected problems as early in the process as possible, the roll-out will take place in multiple steps that we will monitor closely: initially, all newly created sensors will use the new architecture. Next we will update all existing classic sensors of our Free accounts, and finally we will also update the existing classic sensors of the PRO accounts.

The update will be transparent to our users with the exception of retries:

Instead of regarding a measurement “failed” when it failed in at least two of three regions, classic sensors will now follow the transaction (iMacros) sensors’ model: a failed sensor which is assigned to more than one region will be retried (if configured to use retries) in a different region than before and only if all retries fail, it will count as failed. Single-region sensors will be retried by a different server in the same region.

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