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The best SEO tasks involve creating absolute awesomeness that people will love enough to link to on a huge scale. That is what we are working on 99.9% of our time. Of course, the little details matter, too. They matter a lot, and if the links to our website’s awesomeness are not handled correctly, we

News from the “labs”. We’re currently working on adding so-called waterfall diagrams to our sensors. With these diagrams you’ll be able to drill down and determine exactly what part of a web page caused a sensor time out.

All AlertFox browser-based server checks include a “SSL Certificate monitor”! That is because all web browsers automatically monitor the validity, expiration date, accessibility, and various other changes to SSL Certificate. Thus, if “something” happens to your certificate the real browser website check will fail and you get alerted!   Browser-based server monitoring helps you avoid

The Google Analytics team released a new feature just today: They emphasize again that a  slow loading landing page not only impacts your conversion rate, but can also impact AdWords Landing Page Quality and ranking in Google search – so web performance monitoring is important. To improve the performance of your pages, you first need

This is another myth that we still hear when talking to webmasters: One time-honored method for confirming the availability of an online application is pinging the website that hosts it. Unfortunately, knocking on the front door doesn’t tell you much about who’s inside the house. Today, companies increasingly use service-oriented architecture (SOA) based development techniques

It is a myth, but we still hear it from webmasters: We’ve got things covered. We’ll just respond to the few customer calls as they come in. Organizations that depend only on infrastructure monitoring tools (e. g.Nagios, Zabbix, Zenoss, MRTG,..) for insight into the end-user experience are likely to develop a false sense of security.

If you read this blog you are most certainly involved in some kind of web based business. And if so, you will find “Fred Wilson’s 10 Golden Principles of Successful Web Apps” a very interesting talk. I know I did. Fred is a New York based tech investor and he spoke at the annual Future

We have a demo and reference account (login:  password:  demo ) and one of the transaction test macros is a Twitter search performance test. The macro navigates to in Firefox and does a search for the words “NASDAQ crashed” – a phrase I thought that will not turn up in the foreseeable future:

If you want to measure and tweak your website performance there is a new great tool available: Google Page Speed Online It does the same as the popular Chrome extension under the same name, but you do not have to install anything anymore. So what is Page Speed Online? Page Speed Online analyzes the content

  Microsoft has teamed up with Psychster, a research firm that apparently specializes in “the psychology of social media”, to study how companies should use Twitter to address a site outage, unscheduled downtime or interrupted service. The results showed that half of the (120) respondents in the sample would consult a Twitter feed to get information about an outage,