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AlertFox is the first service that can provide you with Detailed performance graphs for transactions that consist of several steps.

New Uptime Report Format Goes Live

Friday, 01 February 2013 by

Next Monday (February 4, 2013) our new uptime email report format goes live. It features a more readable design and helps you to identify incidents that caused a downtime immediately. All checks that have problems are color-coded with a red background. And, based on our users feedback, no more milliseconds. All times in the AlertFox Control Panel and

Web Performance Meetup @ Karlsruhe

Friday, 14 December 2012 by

I had the chance to participate in the Karlsruhe web performance meetup group kickoff meeting on Tuesday. It started with a presentation by the organizer, Dennis Westermann (SAP Research). He showed an embarrising page load performance comparison between the website and the Mediamarkt online store. Mediamarkt is the German equivalent of BestBuy, and seems to have

The AlertFox team is excited to announce that our newest and most talked about 1-minute interval classic monitoring feature has been extended to ALL of our PRO plans! Know immediately if there is a problem with your critical applications by monitoring their response times every minute! And in order to be sure we’re absolutely certain

New Classic Uptime Monitoring Locations

Thursday, 08 November 2012 by

Here’s a feature request we’ve heard about often: Users want the same global zone selection options in the old-fashioned classic uptime sensors that we currently offer with our real browser based transaction monitoring sensors. As of today, this feature is available in all accounts and for all users! You can now switch your classic sensors

The new measurement servers will go live early next week. Key updates include: iMacros Firefox 16.0.1 iMacros for Firefox 7.6.00 Chrome iMacros for Chrome 5.3 Java v7 update 9 Flash 11.4.402.287 We’ve done the dirty work. You’re free to sit back, relax, and monitor away!

If you’re looking to monitor certain steps within one of your transactions for a completion (run) time threshold, you can simply add SET !TIMEOUT_STEP before any command within the script that you wish to limit to a maximum of  seconds. Adding this command will enable AlertFox to immediately report and alert on the pertinent error

Good news! The AlertFox team is proud to announce our latest and greatest existing infrastructure updates: — AlertFox System update: New features for classic sensors — 1-min interval classic sensors for HTTP, DNS, and FTP at no additional charge for all PRO3+ users ***Coming in the next few weeks – Perform Classic Monitoring and report

Service level agreements (SLAs) are important. Why? Well, for starters an SLA is more than just an agreement between two parties – it’s a possible solution to costly service outages. Moreover, SLAs can apply the necessary pressure for meeting specified guidelines and optimal performance in the event of a corruption such as downtime and the

Key updates include: — Java to v7 update 7 — Windows updates (as of 09.17.2012) — Flash to 11,4,402,265 We’ve done the dirty work. You’re free to sit back, relax, and monitor away!