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An unhandled database exception caused the alerting service to stop.  It took years before this issue surfaced, and today was the day. The issue has been resolved and alerting works fine again. Clearly, alerting is one of the key features of AlertFox so this issue is embarrassing and we will make sure it does not happen

Improved iMacros-AlertFox integration

Friday, 19 September 2014 by

Recording your web transaction with the iMacros family of web macro recorders was never easier. If you want to use the iMacros Standard Edition for recording your transaction scripts, you no longer need to enter any license key. Just activate the software with your AlertFox login credentials. In a nutshell, just download iMacros and then

Downtime of the week: Dell Order Tracking

Wednesday, 17 September 2014 by

Time for a new PC. Selecting one was easy (I like the Dell XPS series), ordering as well. But the order tracking resulted in a full blown crash on the Dell website. Needless to say, that looks embarrassing and should not happen on a major e-commerce website. Please see the screenshot below. Meanwhile the order

New time format in alert emails

Tuesday, 16 September 2014 by

The time format in our alert emails was improved with the recent system update. In the past we had one format for all: 9/16/2014 06:39:06 AM Now the time format in the alert emails depends on your preferred user interface time format, which can be set  to AM/PM or the 24h “military time”. The AM/PM format

Did you know? AlertFox allows you to easily export all measurement data in CSV format. This function was available for years, but we expanded its scope, and also made it easier to find: Look for the “Export Sensor’s data” link at the bottom of every report.  

Database maintenance [Completed]

Wednesday, 18 June 2014 by

We are currently doing some database maintenance. No web performance transaction data will be lost even if historic data is temporarily not available in your account. Alerting is not affected! Update 6:32 pm EST: Maintenance completed – Thank you for your patience. PS: You can also review the status on our Public Status Dashboard – the

Waterfall charts are useful for getting information on very many web site / performance problems. Note that we at AlertFox generate the Waterfall charts  in HAR format using Fiddler which in some cases adds more information to the HAR files than a plain browser HTTP archive would do. To get you started with waterfall charts, we created a

Synthetic vs Real User Monitoring

Tuesday, 08 April 2014 by

Let me start out by being honest. It seems every single post about this topic on the web is biased. Synthetic monitoring vendors highlight the advantages of synthetic monitoring, real user monitoring (RUM) vendors point out the advantages of RUM. And vendors that offer both, recommend to use both. At AlertFox we focus on having

Until today, the public dashboard graphs showed our standard performance graphs. But since last year we have the more informative multi-step charts available inside the AlertFox Control Center – and since today our public dashboards display these charts, too. The rule is simple: The standard performance graphs are still used if your transaction test does not contain

One of our colleagues is planning a trip to Brazil. She discovered that the website of the Brazilian Consulate in Munich has been inaccessible the whole weekend: (it works again by now). While it was down, the German version ( showed only the header, and the links in there lead again to 403 error. In other words…,